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1. How long is the program? And when does it start?

The Life Management System is a 12-week program, which starts immediately when you enroll. You get instant access to the program upon enrolling, so you can move through the course as fast or as slow as you desire. The program includes lifetime access to the curriculum, as well as 6-month access to the community and coaching calls.

2. How much time does it take? I’m afraid I don’t have time to commit.

It is realistic to devote 2-5 hours / week to get sustainable results. I know that feels impossible to squeeze into your already full days, but remember this is an investment in your future self. The goal is to stop the cycle of spinning from the daily grind. You’ll never get your wasted time back. It’s our most valuable asset at this phase in life, and The Life Management System can help you create more of it. By devoting these 2-5 hours each week, you can systematically and permanently improve your quality of life.

3. I believe my problems are circumstantial and will correct themselves as my child grows. Can I wait until then before investing?

Of course you can wait but in my experience, the problems you have will be replaced with other problems. But most notably, each new problem still consumes your time and energy. And time is our most precious resource. The Life Management System is composed of core life skills and about achieving sustainable, life-long change that is equally as valuable for every stage.

4. What do we cover inside The Life Management System?

I’m glad you asked! We focus on:

  • - Managing mindset and mental load
  • - Identifying, and adhering to, clear priorities
  • - Activating a support system
  • - Introducing structure to the family and the home
  • - Eliminating clutter to maintain physical, mental, and energy harmony
  • - Streamlining responsibilities and time management
  • - Valuing personal wellness and relationships.
5. What type of guarantee do you have?

Just like investing in a gym, if you don’t ever go and put in the work, you will not get results. But if you put in the work and believe it still is not delivering results after 30 days, there is a money-back policy in place.

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© 2023 Working Moms Movement. All rights reserved.

© 2023 Working Moms Movement.
All rights reserved.